Women of UPR Law

“What do you want to get out of law school?”

“I’m going into corporate and tax law. It is a broad field filled with many inspiring and brilliant women. Law school can sure be an ordeal. I have to balance studying for the CPA certification, work two jobs, and assume academic responsibilities. However, it is uplifting to think that eventually it will have a high return on investment in many ways. Besides the great deal of things I’ve learned, the different people with different perspectives I’ve met, I’ve also had the chance to know myself as an individual a lot better: my strengths, weaknesses, and how to capitalize on them.”

(Amanda Castillo Casiano, Class of 2016)



One thought on “Women of UPR Law

  1. Fabian Justiniano

    Hi! I’m starting a small business and I need help with the permits and licensing requirements. Need a law student with knowledge in the field or willing to do a little research . It may be a relatively easy task and you will be paid for the service. If anyone is interested please email me at efabco@yahoo.com

    Note: The company is already incorporated in Puerto Rico. ( But have not received Corporate Books )
    Already registered in Puerto Rico
    We have a Federal Employer Identification Number ( EIN )
    We have a Municipal Patent

    We need Merchant Certificate, Use permit from ARPE, department of health etc.

    Please advise. Thanks


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