Women of UPR Law

“Is there a female leader you look up to? Why?”

“I admire Malala Yousafzai. I look up to her not only because she won a Nobel Prize, but because she overcame a struggle and decided to change the world although she was (and still is) a teenager. She didn’t stop where most of us would and she didn’t wait until she ‘grew up’ to do it. I believe in what she has done. A big picture change like the one she has advocated for, can also come from us, who study law (and rights) on a daily basis. I hope I can inspire some kind of positive change, even if it’s on the small scale, and that I don’t have to ‘grow up’ to do so.”

Afranz (Kiki) Vázquez Bragan

(Class of 2017)



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