Women of UPR Law

“What impact has law school caused in your life?”

“I wanted to study literature but for some reason I chose law. It’s a daily challenge but I’ve realized that even though I don’t see myself working as an attorney or judge, what I have learned can serve me to help others. One of my goals is to share how the system works, to the point where people can question it and its impact on society. For example, we can see how women are still struggling against norms historically set by a patriarchal structure.

To me, law serves as a tool to change that. I believe women are key to changing the way our legal system works. I would encourage anyone to immerse themselves at least once in their lives in the world of Law. What we can do with it can cause the impact we want to see for future generations to enjoy.”

Patricia Fuentes Tamayo (Exchange Student from Barcelona)



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