Women of UPR Law

“How did you get to where you are now?”
“The decision to study law was a flicker that insidiously grew in strength and intensity as time went by. Business had always been at the core of my professional aspirations, but after taking a few business law courses at the undergrad level, I was thoroughly and irrevocably captivated by the complex and multi-faceted inner workings of the law. The transition from business to law felt natural to me, and bridging the two is now the very foundation of my dreams and aspirations.
What I’ve learned throughout the years, which has been crucial to my journey as a law student, is that there is no ridding oneself entirely of doubts and insecurities, that true strength comes from moving forward and just doing whatever it is that needs to be done, in spite of the doubts and fears. That’s where confidence comes from, where character is built, and how you prove that you are on the right track.”

(Diana E. Acevedo Franqui, Class of 2017)

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