Apply for our Student Mentorship Program NOW! Deadline is Friday, August 21!

NWLSO’s Student Mentorship Program started as our pilot project last year, benefiting more than 60 students throughout the year. After submitting your application, NWLSO will evaluate your profile and make a match to another student who has similar goals and aspirations. At our Kickoff Event, which will be held on Friday, September, 11, 2015, you will officially meet your mentor or mentee for the year! Because our activities are coordinated for large groups, it’ll be up to you and your match to make the most of your relationship. Our job is to pair you with another student after comparing applications and organize activities for bonding throughout the academic year. That’s why NWLSO encourages communication, enthusiasm, and collaboration between its mentors and mentees.

As a mentee, you will have the opportunity to have someone who: 

– Can guide you through your first year in law school when you have questions or need help with adjusting to this new adventure

– Will be a friend

– Can give you tips on classes, how to study for final exams, and how to take advantage of networking experiences

– Can provide you with practical advice for your legal career

As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to: 

– Add value to your professional profile

-Improve your communication skills

– Empower other women

The Student Mentorship Program is designed with the idea that by putting competition aside, women can help, support, and empower one another to reach their maximum potential. NWLSO hopes that through its program, mentors and mentees will develop a relationship that will not only go beyond the years in law school but also one that will last a lifetime.


This year, our application will also be available online! To start filling out your form, please click here: To fill out on paper, please contact one of our Board Members so she can meet up with you and hand you the form. For comments or questions, please write an e-mail to




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