A conversation with Defense Attorney Mayra López Mulero

A group of NWLSO members sat with renowned criminal defense attorney, Mayra López Mulero, this past Friday for an intimate word exchange at Restaurant Bagua in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She vividly discussed her academic experiences and the obstacles she was able to overcome as a young and opinionated female attorney in the criminal justice system.


Her advice was refreshingly realistic and she held nothing back when speaking about the procedural injustices defendants often face and in most cases, without the financial means to pay for a decent defense. She spoke about some of the cases that have made national news and provided her thoughts on prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the correctional system. With her vibrant personality and fierce belief in justice, the discussion quickly became a motivational speech for the future attorneys sitting at the table. Check out some of her inspirational quotes both in Spanish and English below:


  • “Yo no quería que nadie programara mi vuelo. No permitan que nadie programe su vuelo, sean ustedes”.
  • “I didn’t want anyone to program my flight [referring to her career]. Don’t allow anyone to program your flight, be yourselves.”

  • “La realidad jurídica es que es inaceptable lo que está ocurriendo”. 
  • “The legal reality is that what is happening is unacceptable.”

  • “Me da mucha esperanza que quieran hablar conmigo. Ustedes tienen que ser el futuro”. 
  • “I am filled with hope just by knowing you want to talk with me. All of you have to be the future.” 


  • “Infórmate! Lee! Mira hacia fuera”. 
  • “Get informed! Read! Take a look outside.”

  • “Como abogados, somos instrumentos de cambio y tenemos que asumir eso”. 
  • “As attorneys, we are instruments of change and that’s the assumption we must start with.”

  • “Lo primero que le digo a mis clientes es ‘Quiero la verdad, no estoy aquí para juzgarte por tu conducta'”. 
  • “The first thing I tell my clients is ‘I want the truth. I am not here to judge you by your actions.'”

  • “La función el abogado de defensa es velar por los derechos constitucionales del acusado”. 
  • “The main objective of the defense attorney is to watch out for the defendant’s constitutional rights.”

  • “Mira a tu cliente y colócate en sus zapatos”. 
  • “Look at your client and put yourself in his or her shoes.”

  • “No nos podemos arrodillar”. 
  • “We must not surrender.” 

  • “La diferencia entre los cobardes y los valientes es que los cobardes sienten miedo y se paralizan y los valientes sienten miedo y siguen”. 
  • “The difference between a coward person and a brave person is that the coward one feels fear and stops, while the brave one feels fear and continues.”

  • “Cada uno de ustedes tiene una estrella, lo que hay que hacer es seguirla. Crean en ustedes”. 
  • “Each one of you has a star. All you have to do is follow it. Believe in yourself.”



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