6 Reasons We’re Excited to have a Ms. JD Chapter in Our School

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When I attended Ms. JD’s Passion Forward this past February, I was reassured that women coming together are capable of doing great things. Listening to wonderful attorneys share their experiences, participating in challenging workshops, and meeting girls from all around the country inspired me to share my adventure with classmates back home in Puerto Rico. With great enthusiasm, we decided to start a National Women Law Students’ Organization (NWLSO) chapter. We thought it would be the best way to connect to Ms. JD’s wonderful resources and at the same time create a space for female students starting their career in the legal profession to network and share their experiences as women. So, if you feel your classmates have the potential of coming together, supporting one another, and making the law school experience more fun, consider opening a NWLSO chapter in your school! Here are 6 reasons we’re excited about starting our very own chapter: Continue reading “6 Reasons We’re Excited to have a Ms. JD Chapter in Our School”