SMP Kickoff 2015

12004150_10153747729194835_5652061740299624568_nWith great enthusiasm, the National Women Law Students’ Organization of the UPR School of Law, kicked off the semester through its Student Mentorship Program (SMP) at the Bar Association’s home in Miramar, Puerto Rico. On Tuesday, September 15, 2015, mentees and mentors got together to officially meet each other for what NWLSO hopes will be a year of progress and celebration.

The evening started out with our founder and president’s words, Jeannette Ortiz Ortiz, who encouraged mentees to take the SMP as a tool for professional development throughout their years in law school and after graduation. Ortiz Ortiz also mentioned the importance of solidarity, support, and empowerment between women in the law and its relevance for the entire profession. Dean Vivian I. Neptune Rivera addressed students by giving an inspiring speech about collaboration and the need for students to practice it as early as they can in law school through programs like NWLSO’s SMP. Neptune Rivera also expressed that in order to break gender barriers in the profession, law students must be willing to identify them and work together to deconstruct them.

Through the event’s moderator, Alejandra Muñiz Marcial, NWLSO’s professional mentor, Carmen Cortés Ramos, talked about the transformations students undergo in law school and the importance to give back as a practicing attorney, by either supporting School activities or being a professional mentor. Cortés Ramos also recognized the men who are part of this year’s SMP membership by making note of their voice and urging them to be spokespersons in issues affecting women in the law.

As the night unraveled, mentors and mentees first played a Bingo game to win a prize: a pack of colorful highlighters! The game served the purpose of breaking the ice and getting to know other students. Between laughs and questions, students finally found out who their mentors and mentees were, as they were separated in groups with the challenge of figuring out their partners with three given characteristics.

The evening concluded with pictures and a selection of delicious snacks and drinks, which were possible to provide with the money raised through our sponsors:

  • Dr. Dávila de Pedro
  • Dr. Carlos E. González Camacho
  • VAPR Federal Credit Union
  • Pro Bono de Derechos Sexuales
  • Pro Bono Adultos Mayores
  • Federal Bar Association
  • Jóvenes Amigos del Museo
  • Juventud Popular Universitaria
  • Centro de Repostería Ilka’s Cake
  • Laws Disidentes
  • Jesjovel Sports

NWLSO welcomes once again the Classes of 2018 and 2019 and thanks the other classes for its continued support to the organization. Without you, none of this would be possible!

W stands for Woman!

For pictures of the event click HERE


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